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About Sventl Asia Pacific

Sventl Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is essentially a Singapore based technology and innovation firm, dedicated to fulfilling the comprehensive needs of business enterprises, across Asia as well as the Pacific Region. We proudly boast of offering our impeccable services, in a wide array of field ranging from Engineering to Embedded Systems and Micro-electronics. Our customer centric pattern of working & our endeavour towards extensive approach towards all our projects have made us the most sought after in the industry!

Our core activities comprise of serving our clients in the fields of pre-silion and post silicon activies like ASIC/ASSP/IP/FPGA design, SoC design, Architecture, Modelling, IP integration, Simulation and Synthesis, Functional and formal verification (C, Specman, System Verilog, UVM …), Digital Back End design (Netlist to GDSII), place & route, CTS, OCV, IR drop, STA, Physical Verification, STF , DFT , Analog Design, Full custom Layout, Mixed Signal, Bench Testing, Characterization, ATE Test etc

We are as unique as we are enthralling, & that comes right out in our name #SVENTL- 

Our strength lies in challenging conventions and delivering the unexpected to all our clients, not just on paper but even in practice. Our very presence in the heart of Asia’s fastest growing economy, Singapore, stands as a testimony towards our uncompromising endeavour of to igniting our business activities with the utmost passion and vehemence. And it is through this inherent quality that we promise our clients of delivering highly efficient and relatively much more balanced services than most of our competitors in the market! We have taken sincere efforts on every step of the way to ensure that our services and solutions are of extremely high quality, are relevant and tailored to meet the needs of the clients, and more importantly are delivered in a timely and accurate manner, thus benefiting one and all present in the chain!

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Salary Report 2021/2022.
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Salary Report 2021/2022.
Salaries for software engineer increase by up to 32% in 2021.
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